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Evolutionary practices


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My offerings include combining the practices and philosophies of East and linking them to elements of Western Science. 


"I want to start with the easiest question and the question you really should have all asked yourselves at some point in your life, because it's a fundamental question if we want to understand brain function. And that is, why do we and other animals have brains? Not all species on our planet have brains, so if we want to know what the brain is for, let's think about why we evolved one. Now you may reason that we have one to perceive the world or to think, and that's completely wrong. If you think about this question for any length of time, it's blindingly obvious why we have a brain. We have a brain for one reason and one reason only, and that's to produce adaptable and complex movements. There is no other reason to have a brain. Think about it. Movement is the only way you have of affecting the world around you."

Neuroscientist Daniel Wolpert 


My field of study at University and my main interests are in perception, reality, consciouness and movement. What is consciousness and where does in exist in the brain? and how can we measure it? What is the role of consciousness in voluntary action and behaviours. Neuroscientist Benjamin Libet started this quest back in the 1980's and more recently Daniel Wolpert and Donald Hoffmann have continued this exploration into the primary function of the brain, which they hypothesize as movement.




















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For as long as l can remember l have always been asking questions and learning about life. And in particular how our brains and minds function in creating our reality. Fascinated by how our thoughts shape our behaviour and how our behaviour shapes our experiences. I worked in Front line Customer Service for one of the biggest brands in the Airline world British Airways for 12 years. However, corporate life took it's toll on me and l was advised to look at changing my lifestyle before it was to late. So l turned to yoga and meditation to help me get back on track Whilst working on reduced hours at BA, l started my first teacher training and qualified as a certified teacher and set up my own business part-time. Eventually taking early retirement to travel, teach and train. 


Teaching for the over a decade now around the globe.I've tailoredand delivered well being classes for retreat companies, yoga centres and corporate clients. Based at The Tri Yoga centres in London, my trainings and studies have included; Iyengar, Om Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga, Anusara Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Kundalini. 


However still feeling like there was something missing, Coaching found me 3 years ago and started me on a completely different trajectory. Coaching helped me address my own behaviours that yoga could not. And better still gave me the tools and understanding to help me and my mama who was struggling with Dementia and Alzheimer's. This experience, fuelled my passion to learn more about the brain and behaviour. So l decided to take myself back to the University of Cambridge to study Coaching Psychology. And instantly began to see certain linkages between eastern philosophy and western science.And l began to see how to translate certain linkages between eastern philosophy and western science into everyday life. Introducing a different approach to well being and a solution to manage stress, cultivate greater awareness and emotional intelligence and increase performance. 

An ongoing student of Cambridge University in Experimental Cognitive Psychology and Neuropsychology under the direction of Professor Lee-De-Wit. I have also studied the clinical applications of mindfulness. And have recently completed the UCL course The Many Faces of Dementia. 


And I am registered Senior teacher and teach trainer with the Yoga Alliance. A Graduate Psych Student Affiliate with the Amercian Psychological Association. A member of the Association for Contextual Behavioural Science. A member of The Coaching and Mentoring Network. And the Coaching Alumini for Cambridge University and the Queens Young Leaders. 


I've been involved in training and mentoring teachers for Power Yoga, London and for teaching events for The Secret Yoga Club, Lululemon at The Royal Opera House and The Royal Academy of Art in London. My online offerings are available through the following platforms; Grokker, Audible Yoga, and iTunes.


Writing and speaking about the science of life and have been featured in various blogs and publications including Psychologies Magazine and Womens Health and Fitness.

I co-host a London local monthly well-being radio show called 'Master Fear and Illuminate life". And have been featured on the Simon Warr, BBC radio show. And l am currently in the process of trademarking my own brand of yoga fusing yoga, coaching, psychology and science. I also running a successful coaching practice and consultancy. 




2 hour workshop style class filmed on location at The Bhakti Yoga Shala, California


This well rounded workshop offering  starts with a power cleansing excercise for empowerment, woven into a sequence of standing poses to ground, hip openers and arm balances to connect to our relationships the fluidity of life and backbends to thrive.


- Learn how the tools of philosophy and psychology can help you live empowered

- Let go of unsupportive patterns

- Create and hold space for transformation and change

- Feel focused, energized and aligned in mind, body and spirit.

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