Did you know the psychology of language and emotions can reveal deeply embedded unconscious cognitive patterns and biases of behavior.


Recent research findings show that individuals who experience Psychological processes in psychogenic voice disorder tend to be women who are experiencing high levels of stress (commonly associated with interpersonal relationship conflicts, low self-esteem, the burden of responsibility and feelings of powerlessness), and have above-average musculoskeletal tension as well as difficulties in voicing their feelings or views. (Eur J Disord Commun. 1995;30(4):467-74.)


After all how we talk about ourselves and others creates the reality we see, feel and experience. 


It's not just behaviour we need to observe but our words. In using different words to describe the essence of how you feel about yourself and others can have a profound affect on your own mental health and well-being.


l offer a blend of Eastern practices and Western Science to help you recover and reconnect to yourself.

This consist of; 

-  Cognitive and behavioral approaches which can include working with mindful movement to create stamina, strength and resilience in the brain and body.

- Psychology of Language and Emotions (EI) in Coaching. 

- Related Frame Theory working with acceptance, psychology, language and mindfulness. 


What you'll learn; 

-The impact of stress and anxiety on your nervous system and brain and what you can do to tame it.

-The neural networks that give rise to anxiety,stress,emotional responses reactions and regulation. 









                                                                     Yoga & Coaching Monthly Pack £500

includes a free 15 minute consultation + two 90 minute sessions or three 60 minute sessions

                             Supplemental telephone conversations and on‐going email support is also provided.


Coaching 3 Monthly Pack £1475

Includes a free 15 minute consultation to introduce the process plus three sessions a month offered as one 60 minute session and two 90 minute coaching session each month for three months. Supplemental telephone conversations on‐going email support is also provided. 




Sessions will be scheduled upon purchase where a coaching contract and information will be sent. 


Please email me at salemayoga@icloud.com regarding payment and if you have any questions around scheduling your sessions.


Monthly payment plan available upon request. All consultations are via skype and then subsquent coaching sessions are offered as either in-person at my private practice or as distant sessions via Skype.

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